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Rejuvenate Your Relationship - Pt. 2

Part 2 of Chelimo's tips for rejuvenating your relationship.

Flirt, Flirt, Flirt!

By showing affection to your partner often, you are creating a feeling of security and sense of belonging, making them feel loved, wanted and cherished. This kind of feeling is often given back in return. Knowing that you can count on your spouse and they can count on you makes the marriage strong.

The Perfect Date

Try as much as you can to have some time just the two of you because if you wait for it to happen, well it won't. Come up with activities that create a bond between you two like, playing a board game once every week, having breakfast together, every saturday, choose a series to watch together once a week or at dinner times.


There is an Egyptian proverb that says ‘He who loves a thing often talks of it’. Learn to appreciate each other’s small efforts in the relationship, remind your partner how much you love them and what they mean to you, say ‘I love you more often’, express your love the best way you can and let your partner know what you mean. Do not exploit your spouse’ love and affection for your selfish interests, respect their feelings and value their opinions.

Get Your Sexy Back

A healthy body comes with a healthy mind. Being active and fit betters one’s self esteem and helps one build up more energy and enthusiasm in life, making the marriage flourish in good spirits. The best part of exercising as a couple is that you get to share experiences, support and encourage each other which builds on your emotional connection, increases your physical intimacy levels and reflects well on your daily life especially marriage.

Get Your A Game On

Getting married doesn’t mean it’s the end of impressing each other, we have got to keep up with style and good looks. Remember one of the reasons why your partner fell in love with you was because of your physical attractiveness, for the ladies that may mean the body hugging red dress, well done nails and glamorous hair. For the men well kempt hair, irresistible fresh scent and the nice clothes you had on your first dates and many more.

Ladies once we have had a baby or more, our bodies take a rough bend during pregnancy, childbirth, and the endless list of things to do as a mother and a wife. We tend to forget about ourselves and most times don’t care. Before you know it, your spouse is drawn to someone outside your marriage because of their physical attractiveness. Make your spouse fall in love with you each and everyday. Work your magic and remember, it takes a lot of effort to look good and attractive so spouses should learn to pay compliments to each other.

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Adrin Gelvin

I am a Ugandan (proudly from Kapchorwa), now living at my second home in Fort collins, Colorado. I am a married stay-at-home mom, raising our 10-month-old son, and pursuing my dreams of fashion design. I am a social worker by profession. I enjoy listening to music, reading and writing in my free time.


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