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My soulmate is loved by another

Being in love with someone that doesn't belong to you is not a new problem. What's your take on Clarissa's predicament.

So you know how they say your soulmate exists somewhere but very few of us get to meet them? Well, I was among the few lucky ones who got to meet their soulmate.

From the moment I met Jeff, our chemistry has been undeniable. It was like he was the missing part of the puzzle that is me. The best part is that the feeling is mutual. You know it is mutual when he doesn’t have to tell you that he feels the same way.We talk a lot when he’s at work and when he’s driving home, and our conversations connect deeply. The butterflies this man causes in my stomach are uncountable. I made a mistake of letting one thing lead to another.

Mistake? Because Jeff is in a healthy relationship with another woman with whom he has two children. Obviously something is lacking there that makes him spend so much time talking to me. But as far as i can tell, it is not a bad relationship. I am not the kind to want to breakup a home, but I cannot help my desire to step my relationship with Jeff up. I am sure that given the chance, me and Jeff would really be more than just lovers because we’ve passed the ultimate friendship test. But he seems ok doing nothing and letting things be as they are - leaving the ball in my courts.

Should I walk away? Should I stay and wait? Or should I just throw a wrench in their marriage and see what happens? I don’t like to share - not forever at least. Help!

- Clarissa


Maria N.: Keep on walking girl... nothing good comes from trouble behaviors!

Ceci N.: I wonder where you heard about soul mates??? Those are fairy tales my sister the hormones are messing you up! Don't break a family for mere tales!


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