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My OCD is good for my home

When it comes to keeping her home neat, Rachel is OK with her OCD.

I consider my home my sanctuary - I’m sure most people do: a place where I can relax and unwind after the hassle and bustle of the day. For one to achieve that peace of mind, a house has to be clean, organized and clutter-free. Are you like me? One of those people that are accused of having OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)? You clean up after guests before they live. You are often seen picking up a speck of dust off the floor. To others, it seems ridiculous. To you - either that or your day is ruined - a bitter sore in your eyes. Welcome to my world. So what does it take for me to keep my sanity in a busy world that is shared with a restless 5 year old?

Busy schedules

The reason I am thankful for being crazy about maintaining tidiness and organization of my house is that I rarely have to perform huge cleanups. Every speck I pick from the floor is another day of cleaning averted, because all those tiny breadcrumbs end up under the chairs. And we all know what’s under the chairs when cleaning day comes!

Enter the children

First piece of advice there? Relax! Unlike how I used to treat my guests growing up, I cannot do the same with my son. However much of a mess he makes, I’ll just have to clean up after he’s done. Let the kids play. If I can, you can. But, painful as it is, I have to clean up his mess before I go to bed. Waking up to a messy house is valid cause for a panic attack!

Make the beds

I ensure that all the beds are made before we head out. Why? Because I rush to my bed as soon as I get home - even if it’s for just a minute. I leave it neat, because I’d love to find it neat. Teach the kids to make their beds as soon as you think they can grasp it. It is a fun activity for them. Of course you’ll need to tidy up their work a bit, but it saves a lot of your energy, and gives them something fun and useful to do.

Outsource what you can

I save some money for professional services to keep my lawn the greenest in the neighborhood. There is only so much I can do for myself. It is ok to not be able to do it all.

Reward yourself

In spring and summer, I have a vegetable garden going. It is my gift to myself for a job well done keeping my home neat. There is nothing as rewarding as cooking with tomatoes from your own garden!

Everyone has an obsession. Mine just happens to be a clean home, inside and outside. What is your housekeeping obsession? Tweet us at @myafricanroots #tidyhome


Rachel Musenero

Rachel lives in Denver, CO. She is a proud mom.

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