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Hydrate and Revamp Your Body Featured

This summer, don’t think of drinking water as just a means of quenching your thirst. There is more to it. Here are some benefits of drinking water.

Did you know that your body is made of two thirds of water? Water is essential for the human body and carries out many functions, including maintaining balance. This summer, don’t think of drinking water as just a means of quenching your thirst. There is more to it. Here are some benefits of drinking water.

- Water improves blood volume, and hence reduces heart rate and balances blood pressure.

- Water is released as sweat as part of the body’s cooling technique during hot days.

- Water helps in dissolving gases so that they can be transported around your internal organs - it is very helpful in the body’s exchange of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide.

- Water is a healer. It is a very powerful treatment for digestive disorders. Ever had a case of the runs? Drinking water helps flush all those toxins out and keep you free of dehydration.

How much water should I take?

Health advocates recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water. Yes, you body needs all that to keep up with metabolism.

What if I hate the taste of water?

Try infusing your water with lemon: cut up some lemon pieces and drop them right in. You could do the same with cucumber or a leaf or two of mint - whichever works best. The better water tastes for you, the more water your will end up taking. Go ahead - give yourself a headstart.

What about the other drinks?

The bad: Limit caffeinated drinks and alcohol intake. I am sensing some madness about your happy hour rendezvous but remember that alcohol and caffeinated drinks deprive our bodies of essential nutrients and dehydrate you. Not to mention, they put that weight management program of yours in jeopardy. So you are better off limiting them.

The good: Try drinking herbal teas, decaffeinated coffee and beverages that do not add extra calories to your daily intake. Honestly speaking, I would rather eat my calories than drink them. Avoid sweeteners but if you must, then sweeten with honey, stevia and agave instead of regular sugar.

Getting ‘Boojie’ with your hydration.

Try distilled water and spring water. And when you decide on juice, go with home made. Grab a juicer, or if you’re a penny pincher like me, a blender will do just fine. Get creative with watermelon, kiwi, oranges, apples and cantaloupe.

As we get into excessively hot summer time, remember to keep fueling your body with fluid and allow it to revamp!


Victoria K Mbabaali

Victoria is a dedicated Christian, Wife and Mother from Denver, CO.

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