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7 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s time to do some spring cleaning to get your home spring ready and then eventually the weather will catch up.

Depending on where you live, it may not look like spring outside. Yet, according to the calendar spring has sprung! It’s time to do some spring cleaning to get your home spring ready and then eventually the weather will catch up.

Here are 7 essential spring cleaning tips to not only clean your space, but also clear your mind.

Clutter is actually bad for your mental and physical health. This is why first and foremost, you must declutter your space. Any books, clothes, or tchotchkes that are around need to be removed. Take an inventory of your clothes. If you haven’t worn something in the past year, pack it up and donate it to a thrift store.

Color has a major effect on your thoughts and feelings. The most peaceful colors are green, blue and indigo. Find some hue of any of these colors and repaint your walls and watch your mood shift.

This is actually an ancient tradition that has been around for thousands of years. Burning sage, cedar and some other spices can clear out any negative energy from your space and even give you a positive feeling too!

If you would like for your space to be relaxed use soft wall lighting and lamps that aren’t too bright. You’d be amazed at how much lighting really affects the energy of a room.

Live Plants
Improve the air quality in your room and add a pop of natural color. Some plants that lower your stress include the Aloe plant, Peace Lily and these other plants.

Use a soy candle for added benefits to your space. Soy candles release all the goodness of soy into your room and you get calmness in return.

If you have never done aromatherapy, it’s time you start ASAP. You can either do aromatherapy with candles or for a stronger effect with essential oils. Use lavender to help you relax (I like to put some on my pillow), lemon has a cleansing effect and peppermint can help lift your mood (it also helps with clearing your mind for studying).

These are just a few tips to help you clear your space, I’m sure if you implement these into your home you will begin feeling more peaceful and relaxed. Do you already do any of these now or are there other cleaning/clearing tips that you have? Share them with us in the comments below or tweet me @TaniaKasongo!


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