Today is my 23rd birthday! I’m grateful to God for adding another year to my life. I’m also grateful for all the growth that has happened in my life and for everything that I’ve learned. Here are the three main lessons I learned at 22.
What is a 'bridesmaid list' and who should be on yours? Your best friends will either make you or break you.
The following recipes were written with the help of my friend Nelly. After her mother passed away in 2015, Nelly took over her job as a cook/cleaner in Kisumu, Kenya. She is an excellent cook and hopes to someday start her own restaurant.
Say goodbye to warm weather! This is a very popular summer or bbq dish from Sierra Leone. We generally serve it at cookouts, beach outings or just relaxing with family and friends grabbing a cold one.
This summer, don’t think of drinking water as just a means of quenching your thirst. There is more to it. Here are some benefits of drinking water.
Chef Omolaja's Recipes: This dish is popular in Sierra Leone. In fact, it is saved for the weekend in many families as a special treat.
Victoria's Food for Thought: Where to start on your journey to better health.
When it comes to keeping her home neat, Rachel is OK with her OCD.
Investing your income for a lesser tax return might be the healthiest financial decision of your life
Health checkups are not a luxury. Doreen shares why she now believes so.

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