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Fashion Rewind: Inzozi Fashion House Featured

Tibba Murungi Kabugu designed headwraps and colorful matching outfits for Inzozi Fashion House's Spring anniversary celebration. Here is a flashback in pictures.

My African Roots: Where did the idea come from?

Tibba Murungi Kabugu: In Sub-Saharan African history headwraps normally convey modesty and a certain sense of spirituality. I wanted to strike a different tone - in line with our emphasis at Inzozi Fashion House - that tradition must embrace today's trends. This the different styles of day to day headwraps to add some uniqueness to any outfit. It’s a way to make a fashion trend statement effortlessly.

M. A. R.: What’s your objective?

T. M. K.: Our objective is to contribute to the resurgence of African fashion among the latest fashion trends. We took velvet, for example, something that was trending a lot in the winter, and we matched some velvet outfits with some very cool headwraps and prints to produce some unique combinations of outfits.

M. A. R.: What gives you the creative energy?

T. M. K.: It comes from different places. For this photoshoot, I was inspired by Spring. Spring is the time when all flowers blossom that comes with different colors full of nature’s beauty. What better way to bring appeal to our fashion sense than to incorporate some of this year’s spring colors embedded in African patterns. My creative energy generally comes from my love to portray the different forms of the beauty of an African woman.

M. A. R.: What's in store from Inzozi Fashion House?

T. M. K.: This year we are organizing a revamped Miss Uganda North America - it will be in Miami on 1st September as part of the Uganda North American Association Convention (UNAA Miami 2017). We are also working on some unique fashion show ideas that showcase often overlooked fashion designed across the diaspora and in Africa.

Enjoy a few pictures from Inzozi Fashion House's Spring Headwraps Photoshoot, and be sure to follow Miss Uganda North America.


Tibba Murungi Kabugu

“I’m a child of Uganda from the kingdom of Ankole, living in Aurora, CO. Engineering Coordinator for a Starwood Hotel. I love film and fashion, aspects of which have influenced a bigger part of my life. Wisdom does not come overnight. So I am still learning.”


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