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My Fashion Passion: Aliya Fichtner Featured

My name is Aliya Nakakawa Fichtner. I live in Munich, Germany. This is my fashion passion.

My name is Aliya Nakakawa Fichtner. I live in Munich, Germany, and fashion is my passion.

I wasn’t always keen on being a designer while growing up, but I was always handy with my clothes – always choosing to mend them myself.

 I remember making my first necklace from meagre savings – left over money from running an errand from my mother. Fittingly, I gave it to her as a gift. Then I made a second, and I gave it to her best friend. Then a third, and I gave it to her assistant. Then I made my first sale – to the same assistant. That was my first profit. And it was huge, considering what I had started with. Since then, my work has been bought by boutiques and private buyers – local and overseas.

I couldn’t manage fashion school with a tough schedule. So I instead bought a sewing machine and taught myself. In this business, patience, practice and perseverance are everything.  I went to school and got a teaching job thereafter, but I never gave up my passion.

I’ve participated in an African Fashion Show in Stuttgart, Germany and I continue to dream of seeing my work on a Red Carpet. Beyonce, Rihanna or Lupita would be nice :) In the meantime, I display and sell my stuff on Facebook.  Those dreams are distant, but based on where I started, it is not impossible.

I have a beautiful family and I’m learning German in my free time. All this has my hands full. That doesn’t mean that I cut corners with my work. I take my time on my work – because quality is the ultimate statement.

Check out my Facebook page here and make some orders. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Aliya Nakakawa Fichtner

Aliya is a Ugandan fashion designer based in Munich. She specializes in colorful dresses and jewelry. She's also a wife, mother and teacher.


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