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First Dates

Our fashion editors give their advice for how to dress on a first date, and a couple try to follow their advice.

Our fashion editors give their advice for how to dress on a first date, and a couple try to follow their advice.

The writers:

Men’s Fashion: Mukisa M. Ssenono | Women’s Fashion: Lillian Lokonobei

Mukisa Ssenono: "Dress to Score a Second Date"

If you care about scoring a second date, then you should up your game on the first.We live in an age of stimulation. “Never judge a book by its cover” is old an and outdated adage. Entice the girl to flip to the first page by creating enough excitement. So what’s my look of excitement? You know it- simplicity, class and color. Opt for a nice sweater or blazer, with a colored dress shirt or polo shirt, dress pants or a solid colored pair of jeans, with some good shoes to match.

My Most Important Element

Color. We guys tend to steer clear of experimenting with color, but we should not. It sets the right mood for the date. Don’t blind her though - blues, light greens, deeper reds, purple and electric grays will set a light and relaxed mood for your date.

Key Tools For a Great First Impression

  • Take a shower and wear some deodorant or cologne. Not the headache or nose bleed causing kind. It’s in the same family as the stone age hunter smell you are preventing from creeping up.
  • A groomed beard and hair.
  • Fresh breath - mints or gum.
  • Your Diction. Most tales of bad dates I’ve been indulged in climax at an ‘until he spoke’ moment. Eloquence is very much portrayed by your choice and use of words as it is by your style.


  • Baggy jeans are a little on the lax side.
  • Suits kill the young and fresh image I’m trying to deliver. I’m not discussing dowry on the first date.
  • Skin-tight shirts and pants. Trying to look sexy can easily come off as questionable. Don’t look like a butterfly about to break free from of its cocoon.

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Lillian Lokonobei: "It Really Depends"

You go, girl! You’ve managed to score a hot date, but what are you going to wear? The last thing you want to worry about is what you’ll be wearing. These sure-fire fashion tips will give you the confidence you need to impress your date.


Depending on the date, rocking a simple fit will keep you comfortably fab. The go-to combination includes a tee, paired with your favorite pair of jeans and a pair of converses or flats. Throw in a leather jacket or cardigan and add a few light accessories and you are ready to go. This is an effortless look for a casual date.


So you have a dinner date or an evening of drinks and conversation? No problem! Try wearing a nice chiffon or silk blouse with a statement necklace. Adding a body-con skirt and a pair of nude or black heels will have you catching gazes. You can always pair it with a cute blazer in case it gets cold. It’s the right combination for a night at a lounge or just for dinner.


If your night out includes a bit of dancing, you can’t go wrong with a dress! From body-con dresses to dresses with flair, be bold and go for something that flatters your best features. Brightly colored dresses are fun and speak volumes or a simple, tight black dress is always flattering. Choose a color for your jewelry: colored, silver or gold and throw in a pair of pumps and your date will surely be left speechless.

Whatever style you choose, these tips will help you gain all the confidence to amaze your future beau!

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How did the couple do? Tweet @myafricanroots #fashionchallenLillian Lokonobei

Inside Afrikmall

What does this tell us? Fashionable guys have their work cut out balancing simplicity, class and color. But the ladies have it much worse: they have to think harder about where the first date will be. And while guys could have many alternate directions in mind about post-first-date, but the ladies do not like to waste time: he better be real beau material, and just in case he is, she’s not gonna be off-target with the fashion one bit!

For us at My African Roots, we wish you many happy first dates, wherever they may lead!

What is your first date fashion? We want to know. @myafricanroots #firstdates



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