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Miss Diaspora Africa Featured

This year, Miss Diaspora Africa International Pageant will run for a second time. Read more.

Submitted by Tiffany Lovell-Effiong:

My name is Tiffany Lovell-Effiong and I am the Pageant Director for Miss Diaspora Africa International (MDAI) Pageant (USA) 2017-2018. We are so elated that this will be our 2nd Annual Miss Diaspora Africa International Pageant in the United States. We are currently scouting for intelligent, beautiful, ambitious women ages 18-36 years old from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds to represent their homelands and the African Diaspora as a whole. The purpose for the MDAI Pageant is to create a platform for women of the African Diaspora to be represented in a respectable manner while enlightening the world of their beautiful cultures. By simply embracing the authenticity of the ladies' traditional customs specific to their country, island or state and demonstrating unified elegance on stage. It is essential that all delegates of the pageant embody the five pillars of the Miss Diaspora Africa International Pageant which are the following: Culture, Unity, Respect, Elegance and Empowerment.

Last year's winner, Abou-Nica Fomukong, has accomplished her senior research project in the past year regarding health perception of foods and its relationship with physiological factors such as blood pressure and stress. Recently, she has received an reward for her religious life leadership at Earlham College and was recognized at Earlham's "Best and Brightest" banquet for her leadership in the community and her qualities of a potential educator. Abou-Nica has influenced many women in the diaspora as she co-convenes for Black Ladies United at Earlham (BLUE). She is engaged in event planning, such as Kwanzaa, Black History Month festivities, and the Sweetheart's dance. These events, as well as the BLUE meetings, allow her to socialize with- and uplift the women in the African diaspora. Finally, she is also involved in other extracurricular activities in her school which allow her to be an activist.  In addition, Abou-Nica is also in the process of developing a health and wellness business to tackle the issue regarding nutrition and health in low socioeconomic communities, especially places that are considered "food deserts". This project can help all people including women in the diaspora who are struggling to live healthy lives but are in need of resources to do so.

We are very proud of the final seven beautiful contestants who made it to the pageant show last year and approximately 100 guests in attendance. We have many exciting things in store for our future contestants and guests such as our amazing sponsorship and in-kind packages for supporters and corporations who truly see the value in investing in the global African Diaspora. One of the many things we are doing this year is hosting our first fundraising MDAI cultural dine series to represent the tasty cultural foods of the Diaspora. To learn more or to provide inquiries directly to the MDAI Board please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or message us on Instagram @mdaipageant.

Our vision for Miss Diaspora Africa International pageant is for us to continue to push the envelope regarding the beauty standards placed on women of color, strongly support the Pan-African women by providing innovative and empowering STEM and Entrepreneurship training workshops, meetups and conferences via our business partnerships and corporate sponsors. Lastly, we intend to premiere our pageant show on a black-owned television station 5-10 years from now.

We look forward to connecting with you on our journey to curing the African Diaspora. If interested in being the next Miss MDAI Queen, partner, sponsor or donor, email as at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

~ Tiffany Lovell-Effiong


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