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The African Fashion Show Denver 2016

The second installment of the African Fashion Show Denver took place on June 18th, 2016.

The second installment of the African Fashion Show Denver took place on June 18th, 2016. It was a major improvement from its first installment, with a lot more creativity in both setting and showcase. The show, organized by Edith Muyinda and Byasima Couture, took place at Meskereem Ethiopian Restaurant in the bustling diverse city of Aurora, Colorado - there couldn't have been a better choice for host city. It attracted some experienced designers, including Edith Muyinda, some standalone performances, and a very notable showing that led to many ovations by new participating designers like Tibba Murungi Kabugu, Hadijah Fish and Adrin Gelvin (Chelimo).

Countries represented included Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Niger, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda and Ghana - showcasing intriguing Ankara, Dashiki and Kente among others. Here is a pictorial and some comments by the designers present. Shout out to Brandi Shigley of Fashion Denver for doing a great job MCing the event, and My African Roots Magazine for capturing the show and the Red Carpet.

Tibba M. Kabugu (Inzozi Fashion House)

We were honored to be a part of The African Fashion Show Denver 2016 as Inzozi Fashion House. Thank you to Edith Muyinda and Byasima Couture for the invitation!

We showcased the uniqueness that we bring to the fashion industry: staying comfortable in your daily style while rocking African print, no matter the weather.

As a designer, it was fun working with Chelimo to create such beautiful pieces. Working with designers like her increases prospects for all of us.

I think the AFSD 2016 was a huge success based on the audience's reactions: they were really excited by the outfits and the models.

Adrin Gelvin (Chelimo Stlyes)

It was a great experience. I got to work with a team of talented & creative people right from the organizer, designers and models. Fashion designers expressing their thoughts and ideas using a variety of patterns and colors is impressive not forgetting the story behind each design.

Participating in the show, and in a generation where African print is taking over the fashion world makes me a part of an unstoppable cause that I’d like to call ‘The African fabric print revolution’.

Chelimo styles is about creating everyday wearable clothes, using both modern and African print fabrics.

Edith Muyinda (Byasima Couture)

As a community, we've come a long way. The African Fashion Show Denver showed just that with the amount of collaboration amongs designers. We had male models on the runway for the first time, and we welcomed exciting up and coming designers. The demand for African Print outfits is growing in the diaspora and at this edition of the show, we noticed that increase from interacting with our guests.

Special thanks to our sponsors including Fashion Denver, Three Little Birds, Juhdet Miller and My African Roots Magazine, and to all the designers and models that made this a huge success.

Expect more diversity in designers at the next edition!

Julius Kabugu (President - My African Roots Mag)

Africa has always had a lot more to offer than it is given credit for. Today it is exporting a spirit of togetherness and love in entrepreneurship. The African Fashion Show Denver was one of those opportunities to showcase that celebrating Africanness is not only for African people, but an opportunity for the world to come see what Africa is bringing to the table in the diaspora.

We at My African Roots Magazine were proud to be a part of the marketing effort for AFSD 2016 and proud to extend our photography services to capture the event so that future generations will help make it and others like it even better. We look forward to AFSD 2017!

Here is are some pictures:

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