Jessica Londeree Saleska

Jessica Londeree Saleska

Jess is a lifelong traveler and culinary experimenter.  As you may be able to deduce from her picture, she is not African. However she has a passion for traveling and meeting new people, and feels that the best means to connect with fellow humans is through sharing a meal together. Jess is also a PhD student in Epidemiology at Ohio State University, studying HIV and reproductive health in Sub-Saharan Africa.

When she is not conducting her research, Jess is working on starting Kulishana Cookbooks, a social venture that will publish cookbooks containing cuisines from developing countries. The primary mission of this venture is to create a ‘global community’ through cooking that fosters mutual respect across cultures and provides financial support to local women. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the books will support interventions that fight malnutrition within the featured countries.

Note from Jess: Some of the following recipes are for traditional dishes, while others are for dishes that are more of a reflection of the flavors within East African cuisine. All could not have been written without the guidance, creativity and culinary expertise of my friends in Malawi Kenya. I am so grateful for the generosity they expressed with their time and energy as they taught me how to make these dishes, and offered me suggestions in developing my own creations.

The following recipes were written with the help of my friend Nelly. After her mother passed away in 2015, Nelly took over her job as a cook/cleaner in Kisumu, Kenya. She is an excellent cook and hopes to someday start her own restaurant.

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