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A Survivor's Tale of Narcissism Featured

Gracie Phoenix uses film to share her ordeal with Narcissism from her past. Rise From the Ashes is not only a tale of survival, but courage for women to speak up about domestic violence.

Coming from a survivor of a Covert Narcissistic Ex Husband, I can tell you that I knew something was wrong from the very beginning, but I couldn't put my finger on it.


The strongest support that survivors of any relationship abuse can have is other survivors who can relate. Which is why what Gracie has done with this movie is important. It breaks racial and cultural boundaries by tackling a subject and form of abuse that happens universally but is also easily camouflaged as some mere form of unhappiness in a relationship. "People always say that I have a lot of courage to come out and speak about my pain, but I don't look at it as courage. I was manipulated. I was used. I was hurt. I was angry. I was devastated. My family was ripped apart and my children are still affected by it." says Gracie. "I have a natural tendency to speak about [it] because I have nothing to be ashamed of. Life is a lesson and if I can help one person to NOT make the same mistakes... then it was worth expressing." Rise From the Ashes is a film about Narcissistic abuse (use #NarcissisticAbuse to connect on social media), which is a form of abuse that is mostly verbal and psychological, but still leads to emotional trauma in victims.


A beautiful, independent, young woman is swept off her feet by a married African man and narcissist, who takes her on a luxurious trip to Africa; then unknowingly passed off, like an unwanted puppy to his buddy; also a narcissist who marries her for his own personal gain.


"What I would tell other victims is to TRUST YOUR GUT!" says Gracie, "Your heart knows when something is wrong. Your mind will tell you that it's not that serious or that it will get better, but [most times] your gut is right. Pay attention to things that don't quite add up... Ask TRUSTED friends and family to give you their honest opinion [about your partner] and listen. A lot of times, they are looking from the outside and can see things that you won't see until it's too late."


The full feature will be ready in Summer 2018. Website: Instagram: @risemovie.



Julius Kabugu

Julius Kabugu is a seasoned Software Engineer. He's also a proud husband and father of 3. Outside these three jobs, he learns about cultures, listens to Dancehall music and studies photography.

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