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Rising Artist Viannason - the Island Girl from Madagascar Featured

Meet Denver-based singer/songwriter Viannason, who attributes her beautiful voice to her island home of Madagascar.

Catch Viannason in Denver on August 24th at Herman's Hideaway.

Born and raised on the island of Madagascar, Viannason didn’t really find her voice until moving to the mainland of Senegal. As her local fan base continued to grow she realized that music wasn’t just something she was good at, it was the path she must travel in terms of her life. With that she headed to the states, Boston first before settling in Denver. She notes how the ambiance of the mountain town really allows itself to inspire.So much so that she was able to drop her first single in July 2016, “Better.”

In her own words, Viannason has noted of her debut, “‘Better’ is about a heartbroken woman who has been stuck In a relationship for years. She didn’t think there was ever another way out, and thought she couldn’t leave without that one person she loved so much. But one day she had enough and walked away without looking back.” A story many people can relate to, she has created music that is not only universal but entertaining all at the same time. However, that is not what she notes is her standout appeal.

Inhabiting some of the most beautiful places on earth that have vernaculars unlike anywhere else, Viannason knows that her accent is what makes her music different than what many listeners are used to. She notes, “My accent is very noticeable, you can hear it or feel when I speak or even when I sing, and my music is very different from everybody else’s because I bring that essence of Madagascar in it. I want to touch people’s heart and soul in different ways no matter where they are or what language they speak.”

Often drawing comparisons Rihanna, Viannason doesn't mind as she has always looked up to the Barbadian singer's work ethic and has said that she is not against all the hard work that goes into making music her career. Working hard, she has performed at multiple theaters in Denver and has been involved with a showcase highlighting the African community as well on campus. Her big break thus far though came when she performed with Twenty One Pilots at the Gothic theater and that was thanks to a non-profit organization called YOR.

Viannason has a worldview on life and a voice with unique highlights that will make her a well known artist.


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