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Mind Your Language: Kinyarwanda

Phionah could earn you a first date in Rwanda with these ice breakers

Kinyarwanda, or Ikinyarwanda, is a language of the Banyarwanda people of Rwanda. Its variations include The Fumbira dialect of Uganda and the Rwanda-Rundi language spoken by people in Burundi and adjacent parts of Southern Uganda.

We asked Phionah Klahn, of proud Rwandese heritage, to teach us how to pronounce some common words in Kinyarwanda.

Welcome / Murakaza neza
Hello / Muraho
Hello / Amakuru?
I’m Fine / Ni meza
What's your name? / Witwa nde?
Where are you from? / Muturuka he?
Pleased to meet you (plural) / Nishimiye kuba menya
Good morning / Mwaramutse
Good night / Muramuke
Goodbye / Murabeho
Good luck / Amahirwe masa
Have a nice day / Umunsi Mwiza
"Abantu bose bavuka aliko bakwiye agaciro no kwubahwa kimwe. Bose bavukana ubwenge n'umutima, bagomba kugilirana kivandimwe."
"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.


Phionah Klahn

Phionah lives in Colorado. She has her roots in Rwanda and Uganda. She enjoys spending time with her husband and family, fashion, writing for My African Roots, charity and traveling.

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