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Meet the Thriving Muslim Community in Colorado

Wafa Saeed introduces us to the thriving Muslim community in Colorado...

Wafa Saeed introduces us to the thriving Muslim community in Colorado and tells us why it is important to stay together.

Growing up in the states has its benefits but also has disadvantages. We miss out on the authenticity of our culture and our land. When we are able to highlight on that and celebrate each other, we are able to teach the younger generation that regardless of where we grow up, we are and will always be our culture. Helping the next generation identify themselves and be proud of their heritage and distinctiveness allows for not only the growth of our community but also the beauty of our culture to be passed down. This is what keeps our Muslim community together here in Colorado.

At the beginning of July, Weddings By Wafa organized a fun-filled Ramadan Iftar Potluck to celebrate the end of Ramadan. The Ramadan Iftar Potluck is an annual iftar held but the youth of the community to bring together our families and share together our Ramadan journey. Everyone brings something to contribute to the iftar and invites neighbors and friends. This year, we wanted the iftar to resemble the get togethers our parents had growing up back home. We wanted to bring a piece of their childhood into ours. Setting up lights and tents and decorating the park as though we were back home was absolutely worth the excitement and the heartwarming looks on our parents eyes.  This annual iftar helps to bring us together, to laugh, to enjoy one other, to learn but most importantly, to reflect on our beauty.

Join us on July 30th for Islam Education Day at an educative Passport to Hajj event. Come play games, discover crafts and enjoy some trivia as we share Islam with the community around us. This event is open to all, and it is a great opportunity for us as well to discover the people in our community as they discover our beautiful religion and culture and learn what it is truly about. We still need sponsors for this event. For more information, please contact Weddings by Wafa on 720 449 6709.


Wafa Saeed

Wafa Saeed is a dedicated Muslim and founder of Weddings by Wafa.

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