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Rooted Collections: My Entrepreneur Story Featured

Meet Rachel Mendy and her brainchild - Rooted Collections, a collection of artistic apparel and other products!

Rooted Collections is a celebration of cultural roots, showcasing various unique, simple yet eye-catching designs on apparel and other products. I believe from our history to our destiny, our roots are our cultural foundations and have an impact on our character.  My designs are inspired by my love for art and design. They incorporate a variety of themes such as heritage and pop culture. The goal of my work is to make a statement, excite a curiosity, and evoke nostalgic memories.

As for now, the designs can be printed on men, women and kids t-shirts, onesies, tank tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeves t-shirt, tea/coffee mugs, and decorative pillows. The rooted collections designs includes:

  • Africa Roots - the Africa map with roots coming out from the bottom. This design is for anyone that loves Africa, has been to Africa, knows an African, or has African roots. Basically, it is for everyone.
  • African Countries Flag Roots – Same design as the Africa Roots but has an African country’s flag as the roots. In the African continent design, the location of the country is highlighted. This design is for anyone that wants to show his or her country pride. All African countries have been included.
  • World Flag Roots - Same design concept as the African countries flag roots, but with a silhouette tree. And again for anyone that wants to show his or her country pride. There are currently 38 countries represented, with more to come.
  • Rooted Words Collections - The designs feature our logo with designated words that expound on what it means to be rooted.
  • Customized - Merging two or more country’s flags together as the roots. These personalized designs are for the individuals that embrace more than one country/culture.

The goal of my work is to make a statement, excite a curiosity, and evoke nostalgic memories.

As an artist, I love to create artworks that communicate powerful concepts, and provide a narrative. As a designer, I love the creative journey I get to embark on - from brainstorming to the creation process to bringing the graphic representation of my vision to life.  My passion for art and design allows me to exercise my creativity on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur, I love the ability of running and growing my business, and the opportunity to network and connect. Last but not least I love seeing others proudly representing their roots or their love for other cultures.

 I am truly enjoying this career path that found me and continues to bring joy and fulfillment to my life.  I'm super excited and looking forward to sharing many more amazing designs with you all. Stay tuned, more to come.

Submitted by Rachel Mendy (Rooted Collections)


Rachel Mendy

Rachel is the Owner and Designer of rooted collections. She has a BA in Art. She’s also an experienced Photographer, and a proud mom to two adorable children.

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