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The Healing Garden: Our Entrepreneur Story

Meet Rhonda, Jacquelyn and Sarah, co-founders of The Healing Garden, a holistic healing clinic located in Aurora, Colorado. A partnership formed through the power of networking, this is their entrepreneur story.

A Shared Vision

Rhonda had a vision of creating an integrative healing space with other women. She first approached Sarah, asking her to share the office space at Water Mama Acupuncture and offer yoga classes. Meanwhile, Jacquelyn was searching for a place to continue her holistic healing practice, as she had just moved to the area. Rhonda responded to a Facebook post from Jacque and the two met, quickly recognizing their shared perspective on community wellness. Sarah completed her intensive yoga study in June of 2016, just in time to join in the formation of The Healing Garden.

Together, the three women envision growing their healing collective... with hopes to eventually acquire a house in a mixed zoning neighborhood where they can cultivate a community garden space for outdoor classes and treatments, and a physical space that will allow accommodation of more community events and further outreach.


Rhonda began her healing path as a massage therapist with a natural healing touch. She has expanded her knowledge base to include Chinese herbal medicines for internal and/or topical use, multiple manual therapies including Fire Cupping and Tuina, and of course Acupuncture for children and adults. She is currently pursuing the doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine degree at AOMA GRADUATE school of integrative medicine in Austin, TX to be completed in the  summer  of 2017, defining a specialty in pain and psychosocial phenomena related to pain. Rhonda's research focus is on hypertension in the African American community due to chronic stress from perceived discrimination and seeks to used her acquired knowledge to combat it. A wife and mother to a family of 5 kids, she loves treating families. For fun Rhonda enjoys dancing and instructing capoeira.


"I alone cannot change the world, but i can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples" - Mother Theresa

Almost a decade ago Jacquelyn began her holistic healing path as a Reiki practitioner. Her passion for healing the body inside and out continues to fuel her journey. During her time studying at the Spiritual Arts and Science Institute she realized her desire to focus on assisting women heal through trauma. As an accomplished professional vocalist, artist, holistic healer, and mother of 3, she knows the impact and importance of infusing life with balance, acceptance, healing and beauty. Her goal has always been to share the knowledge she's obtained with her community in a way that helps us grow together.


With people living under higher levels of stress now than ever before in human history, knowing how to breathe intentionally and relax the body is a tool that all of us can benefit from.

The five-thousand year old practice of Yoga has been used to heal aches and pains, improve physical and mental health and keep sickness at bay.  Sarah views teaching yoga as an opportunity to share a tool that is much needed in today's society. She uses yoga to teach relaxation methods that can be applied in everyday life to reduce and manage stress, increase confidence and sharpen awareness.  

The community will benefit from the combined knowledge of these three women for spiritual, physical and emotional healing. Be on the look out for classes and lectures on nutrition, meditation practices, herbal home remedies, yoga, reiki, acupuncture, massage, natural medicine, and more. Come grow with The Healing Garden!

Submitted by Rhonda, Sarah and Jacquelyn (The Healing Garden)


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