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Mutesa Photography

Jude Mutesa, a popular Ugandan photographer based on North Las Vegas.

I have always had a passion for photography as a hobby for many years now but recently I realized that my family and friends were enjoying the sight of my images. Many of which I would take while me and my fiancé would travel. Having been blessed with the ability to travel, we also wanted to share those memories with other people. And what better way to do it than through photography.

When I started to realize that my images were captivating and vibrant, with emotion and colors, taking photos was now more than a hobby, it was a passion. A passion that allowed me to freeze life’s special moments and turn them into forever moments. Sometimes I realize that people might think that in this day and age, with smart phones, perhaps photography as an art, is always one click away. But I feel that professional photography and smart phone photography can co-exist. That’s why I went ahead and created Mutesa Photography with the intent to serve those with the desire for professional images. Although I like to shoot portraits, I am not limited to this genre of photography only. Engagement sessions and modeling portraits are some of the other areas we have worked on with our clients.

My images are meant to provide lasting memories. I want my clients to be wowed 10 years from now when they look at their images. The aim is to create memories while also inspiring others to live in the moment through my personal works while incorporating commercial work also.


Jude Mutesa

Born in Uganda, I now reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.Cardiovascular Critical care/outpatient registered nurse by profession. Photography and travelling are my escapes to an otherwise enjoyable but sometimes stressful job. I enjoy my time off with my family and we are a restless bunch, always trying to go places and experience what the world has to offer.

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